Weekend family get-together at “the cottage”

December 26, 2010 – 11:47 pm

We spent the weekend of September 11-12 in Vermont at the cottage near Ludlow that originally belonged to Regen’s grandparents. Her aunt Joyce and uncle Mark now own it, so we joined them, Tatum & Koushik, Katie, and Anna & Bruce for an end-of-the summer reunion. Regen, Graham and I took a nice long walk on the dirt roads around Lake Nineva (Graham probably did a good half mile walking, and strollered the rest).

I also ran across some pictures from a weekend earlier in August at the cottage with Tatum and Koushik. That trip was timed perfectly for the wild blueberries on the neighboring “Blueberry Hill”. There was also time for a swim in Lake Nineva.

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