Summer pictures

July 17, 2010 – 2:51 pm

It’s been a while since we posted anything, so here’s a collection from the past couple of months.  First, we had Graham’s 2nd birthday.  He got a bunch of great presents, but he especially likes the new swing and sandbox that Grandpa Rich built for him.  For the 4th of July we went back to Auburn.  David and Howie sailed in the Colonel Peet regatta at the OYC, while Regen, Graham, Grandpa Rich, and Grandma Barb went to the Owasco firehouse for the parade.

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  2. WHAT FUN FOR THE GRANDS…If Grandpa Rich kept going, bet he could have built a log cabin…Swings and sandboxes are really swell, but way over the top ‘sweller.’ when grandfather builds them for Graham’s second B-Day…and in such a perfect setting…

    What fun shots of Mr. G enjoying his special ice cream and cake – nevermind the watermelon munched down to rind, himself disguised in mysterious dark feeps…

    You all must have enjoyed the festive Fourth…I love small town parades – colorful – antique cars and fire trucks and all.. Every one knows each other – yelling back and forth from marchers to watchers… Fond memories of mine brought back, while summer guests in Plymouth, MA. And, David must have been thrilled to be sailing in the regatta again. (Might have mentioned, when the Gates’ were here a few weekends ago, Jonathan and the girls launched a new remote sailboat in Central Park sailing pond, as Jono did when he was a wee lad..)

    Hmmmm. ‘Comments’ seem to be turning into a ramble..(NOT LOOKING BACK..)

    Signing off..


    By GAB on Jul 27, 2010

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