January 4, 2009 – 2:14 pm

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  2. Thank you, David, for sharing Graham’s First Sweet Christmas, and Regen’s and your joy, along with many famiy members gathered for the fetivities.

    You are a keen-eyed photographer, Dave, but this is definitely one of my faves among many, and I am guessing that, perhaps, Regen might have seized this sweet moment with you and precious son, Graham.


    By GAB on Jan 25, 2009

  3. Thanks for your comments Bridget. I like taking the pictures, but it really makes me happy to be able to distribute them to everyone who can’t be with us to witness all of Graham’s milestones.

    You’re right, Regen did take that picture, as well as some of the others. “4652, the closeup of Graham while I’m holding him, is one of my favorites.

    By Dave on Jan 25, 2009

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