Christmas 2013

January 5, 2014 – 12:36 am

We spent Christmas 2013 up in Owasco with the Knauls.  The kids got along wonderfully, and it was great to see them playing so well together.  We even had a little snow to play in, with Dave and Tim alternating as “reindeer” to pull the sled, and just enough to make a little snow creature.  With Graham and Zoe so close in age, they especially hit it off, except for some upset Graham had about the sled that none of us quite got.  Apparently, he thought he owned the front of the sled.  In any case, we were all impressed with how well the cousins did together.  Remarkably, although Tessa is more than a year older than cousin Finley, we were amazed to see that the two are almost the same size!  Finley must tower over the other two-year old girls down in Williamsburg, not to mention outsmart them! We look forward to meeting Finley’s baby brother or sister(hopefully this summer), due out in April 2014.

We were also grateful to have some extra hands helping out with baby Grace.  It seems there was never a shortage on that end, and she enjoyed her first Christmas (flashing lots of smiles!), as we all did.  Hopefully, we did not infect everyone with our illness.  Poor Graham had his first stomach bug in years the day after Christmas (and then followed it with another one a week later).  Fortunately, it was short-lived.


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