David & Regen’s website


We were married on July 30, 2005. Our wedding page has information and pictures.


Our honeymoon was a trip to Thailand and China. Regen's parents were living in Shanghai at the time, so it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up.The Thailand and China page has a lot of the best pictures from the trip.

My brother Howie got hitched in July 2006. Here are some pictures.

And next up, in August 2007, it was my sister Kate's turn. Here are some pictures from her wedding to Tim.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Grand Bahama Island in January 2008.

Here's a first set of baby pictures of Graham (and Mom and Dad). These are also linked to from the blog.

We've started a blog as a convenient way to send out pictures, videos, and our experiences with the little guy that will be joining us in a couple of months. The blog is password protected to limit spam and block it from search engines. If you don't have the password, send David or Regen an email.